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£995 / Dental Implant all inc - Harley Street Dental Implant Centre

It is a single tooth replacement that costs £2,600
now only £1195 at Harley Street clinic saving of more
than 50 per cent.
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Treatment for busy people

Treament Solutions for busy people

Currently we have two implant systems that enables us completing any dental implant treatment much faster than using conventional implant fixtures.

Dental Implant restored with with final crown in 20 days*

Each implant system is manufactured by one of the World's most reputable companies and each of them achieves a shortened treatment time by the same factor, faster bone to implant integration called Osseointegration. It is interesting however that both achieve it by a totally different way.

Straumann's SLActive, an otherwise very traditional shaped cylindrical titanium tooth implant, has an activatedhydrophilic implant surface that attracts bone forming cells therefore completing the integration process faster. SLActive was introduced in 2006, long term clinical data is available, it is a proven technology in dentistry. Our dentists have placed over a 1000 SLActice implants with an almost 100% success rate.

Our dentists use SLActive since it was introduced back in 2006

Zimmer's Trabecular Metal implant using apart from titanium, another bio-compatible metal; Tantalum and a special middle section in their implant that mimics the natural bone's cancellous inner structure. It is porous therefore bone not only grows onto the implant surface but penetrates the implant body fusing the implant and bone together; this is called Osseo-incorporation. Zimmer's Trabecular Metal technology is used for decades extremely successfully with hip, knee and other implants but it is new to dentistry therefore the long term survival rates of these implants need further research.

The first Trabecular Metal implant in the UK was placed by our head implant dentist in August 2013.

Roxolid SLActive dental implant
Trabecular Metal Dental Implant

Roxolid SLActive implants are made of highly pure titanium-zirconium alloy and are specially treated to give them an optimal surface topography for bone cells to attach themselves.

Roxolid® is a unique implant material combining both excellent biocompatibility and high mechanical strength. Roxolid® is a metal alloy composed of ~15% zirconium and ~85% titanium which leads to an increased mechanical resistance compared to pure titanium

Using an innovative manufacturing process, the surface is conditioned in nitrogen and immediately preserved in an isotonic saline solution. This maintains its high surface activity, which would otherwise be lost due to reaction with the atmosphere. On the basis of preclinical and clinical results, these properties accelerate the healing process of osseointegration with the result that early bone-to-implant contact is significantly increased. This in turn results in greater implant stability and reduces the risk of implant failure by up to 60%(a).

The Trabecular Metal Dental Implant features an osteoconductive mid-section, formed from Trabecular Metal material, designed for ingrowth as well as ongrowth in a process new to implant dentistry—osseoincorporation.

Manufactured In the U.S. at Zimmer’s TMT facility in Parsippany, New Jersey, and used in Zimmer’s cutting-edge orthopaedic devices for more than 15 years, Trabecular Metal material is a three-dimensional, highly biocompatible material—not an implant surface or coating—with up to 80 percent porosity for bone ingrowth and a structure comparable to cancellous bone. The interconnected porosity is designed to enhance secondary stability through a high volume of ingrowth.

Expected full treatment time: 6-8 weeks Expected full treatment time: 3-8 weeks
Single Tooth Restoration cost: £1795 Single Tooth Restoration cost: £1995
Inclusive of: Dental Implant, all abutments, final PFM crown and all surgery and dentist fee. Inclusive of: Dental Implant, all abutments, final PFM crown and all surgery and dentist fee.
Straumann SLActive promotional video

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Zimmer's Trabecular Metal technology promotional video

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*Treatment completion time highly dependent on patient's dental and general health conditions. Please be aware that if you a smoker, taking some specific medicines, having less than good oral hygiene and/or suffering from some dental conditions the above quoted treatment times can be significantly longer.

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